"DeportationClass - against the business with deportations"
exhibition of the nationwide network no one is illegal


june 2000 

With our campaign and numerous actions and projects - one of which is this exhibition - we aim at reaching a vast audience and drawing attention to the responsibility of Lufthansa. This is not a boycott campaign. We rather intend to invite passengers and staff to demonstrate courage and act against deportations. In the end, we demand that Lufthansa unconditionally act to end this part of their business. Resistance against deportations, some of which end fatally is offered in many European countries. There are protest campaigns in France, Belgium and the Netherlands against the airlines Air France, Sabena and KLM. In Germany, Lufthansa is the target of much criticism. In March 2000, no one is illegal presented the campaign "Deportation Class - against the business of deportations" and brought their protest before the public on the Internationale Tourismusbörse in Berlin, in the airports of Hamburg, Hannover and Munich as well as at the Lufthansa training centre in Frankfurt. No one is illegal aims to have a consistent presence with numerous protests at Lufthansa offices, travel agencies and airports and invites air passengers and personnel to demonstrate courage. It is the aim of the campaign to induce the company to give up for good the business with deportations.forward