Letter from Gaza
for the italian demostration

Our Italian comrades, friends, comrade Mary,
First of all, we send our best regards from the occupied Palestine and it's people to all our friends in the world, especially to our Italian friends. And we thank you for all your efforts in supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause and legitimate rights, also your solidarity with us in these difficult circumstances;
As we are being exposed to the worst and most savage aggression from the Zionist forces of occupation in every minute, and our rights are being violated daily.
Again we thank you and wish that this popular solidarity from the Italian people continues and leads to positive results, such as providing international and popular protection for the Palestinian people; ending the Zionist occupation; and supporting all other nations that suffer from the same problem and confront the American imperialism.

Comrades and friends,
Excuse us for not being able to participate in person with you in this important solidarity action. Moving from and to Gaza and West Bank has become very difficult for all Palestinians due to the siege imposed by Zionist forces of occupation; the same applies to moving between the Palestinian cities.
While I was preparing this paper, the Israeli F16s bombed the Palestinian police station near the building where I work. I stopped for moments to think and determine how I could describe the real life of millions of Palestinians. They have been living under the mercy of a racist fascist occupying authority for 53 years.
The Israeli war crimes against our people continue under the immunity granted to this State of organized terrorism by the international silence and the unveiled American bias. Being unable to travel is very depressing but it is just a small part of the collective sanctions imposed upon the Palestinian people.
And if we were able to move, we would have to cross check points and barriers of Israeli tanks and canons to get to work, schools, visit relatives or even go to the hospital from the villages to the cities; I needn't talk about destruction of houses in both Gaza and the West Bank, organized assassinations by the government of the Zionist terrorism, uprooting the trees, the economic restriction, the illegal expanding of the settlements, opening fire on ambulance vehicles, breaking into Palestinian refugee camps in an attempt to eliminate and subjugate 4 million Palestinians using all kinds of weapons: tanks, jets, helicopters, F16s, and shooting to kill and or cause retardation.
The fiasco of the international community in confronting the Israeli violations or at least denounce it has given Israel the immunity and encouraged it to behave as a country that is above the international human law. It violates all the international legal concepts, especially the fourth of Geneva accord and the human rights convention.
The conspiracy is much deeper, as they refuse to call things by their names, refuse to say who is the victim and who is the aggressor, and try to hide the basic facts behind this conflict.
The Palestinian resistance against the occupation cannot be called violence or terrorism.

Dear comrades
We have to consider the human rights, international law, international resolutions that involve us as Palestinians including UN resolutions: 194, 242, and 180, we have to consider all the above as a base for achieving just and global peace. If we neglect them and do not apply them, it will lead to more blood baths and more violations of the rights of the Palestinians. Thus, we as a nation living under occupation and a racist discrimination with no country or protection, we need you to speak up.
There's no choice, the only alternative is the silence. Life has taught me to look for the points of power inside me. And this power has helped me continue my work and my life despite lacking the simplest human standards to go on. With all this my people and I believe and have faith in the future, in our just cause, in our right to live. I have taught my sons that the humiliation and violence can never crush the human spirit. I'm sure you all know this and that our people gets its power from the simple understanding that there is an unjust oppression against it.

Our friends,
I repeat we need you most in order to be able to face this aggressive attack from the government of the terrorist Sharon, the master mind behind Sabra and Shatila massacres, this government that continues it's oppression against our people using all available tools: tanks, jets, armed soldiers…etc
We need your solidarity so as the voice of the victims would be heard, to work seriously and appeal to the governments to support the truth. We need you talk because you realize how hard it is to spread the truth to the others. We need you to work with us so together we can replace the silence by the truth. You have visited my country and have seen with your own eyes the truth about what is really going on.

The world is living through different contradictions with different choices and it is difficult to predict it without a conscious planning and a civilized human project.
We are required to work together to discuss all the necessary files to fight the supremacy and being submitted to one pole. Our cause forms one of the principal files in the time of privatization and globalization.
Here emerges the role of the solidarity; to connect the civil society movements and the world to develop a substitute human project that would make the globalization serve the needs of the social progress. We must work for an ethical convention that would contribute in a civilized human project to stand against the inhuman orientation that makes international silence and the American bias prevail

Free comrades,
All the best from my people, let's globalize our struggle against the imperialism and injustice ness. My last words to you are that we need you to be strong and dedicated fighters so you can continue the fight. Thank you, until we meet soon, if we have the chance to stay alive, as you are well aware that we face death in every moment, we hope to stay alive so we can see the fruits of your efforts. Head of Palestinian Progressive Youth Union SALAH ABD-ALATY