Project for Kindergarten in Jenin.

Background information:
The Israeli occupation in the last month developed in an "open war" against Palestinian people.
The destructions of the houses, the food and medicines shortage have determined once again emergency living conditions for the inhabitants of the towns targeted by Israeli army.
The schools have been closed, the people could not go to work, and the activities of many communities have been blocked as well as their monthly income.
The people are hardly looking for new emotional and material resources to rebuild their lives from the beginning.
There are 10 schools in Jenin for about 30000 inhabitants 60% of them are children and youth , there are 5 kindergardens (private) with high fees, that most of the people cannot afford.

According to the ongoing situation:
1) Many schools were closed because they were destroyed;
2) A lot of children do not go to school because of poverty, to look for a job, for lack of security;
3) The authority is not able to protect the students because of heavy military attacks;
4) The authority until now is responsible for elementary up to secondary schools, and they don't open kindergartens and nurseries, so the N.G.O.s are fulfilling the need of children for a secure place.
5) Because of the above, the number of kindergartens in Jenin is not enough for the children, and only wealthy families can afford to send their children in private kindergartens.

The purposes of the project:
1) An extension of the ongoing activities of the U.P.W.C. to open kindergartens with symbolic fees in very poor and isolated villages, to provide pre-school education.
2) The kindergartens are related the parallel activities of raising women consciousness in such areas.
3) The kindergartens are meant to raise children with an education about democracy, human rights and gender equality, in areas where the social traditions are very conservative.

The project:

sedie 50 unita' 7 $ 350 $
tavoli 25 " 10 $ 250 $
lavagne 4 " 20 $ 80 $
giochi didattici per l'interno 200 $ 200 $
giochi didattici per l'esterno 200 $ 200 $
scivolo   300 $ 300 $
altalene   300 $ 300 $
ombrellone   500 $ 500 $
sabbia   100 $ 100 $
recinzione   200 $ 200 $
armadi 2 grandi 75 $ 150 $
ufficio forniture varie 500 $ 500 $

The union will be responsible for the rent and administrative costs including salaries of 3 teachers and other kitchen tools.