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shutdown fortess europeOn the 4th of october european heads of state will give place to Intergovernative Conference wich will approve the definitive version of the european constitution. In other dates, always in october, and the other months of the italian EU presidency, ministers and specialists will meet to formulate the common strategies of fortress europe.

After they've found a common political economic line, and they've transformed the workforce market according to the globalization and neoliberal schemes, they will also give form to the european political and military structure.

The future EU summits, like the past ones (Barcelona, Seville, Thessaloniki),have in their agenda crucial and concrete moments for the realization of common social policies: the real creation of Fortress Europe.

All the efforts are going towards the expantion of european borders towards east (wich means opening new markets) and the clouser (?) of these, with money going for the development of digital(140 milion euro for VIS and SIS II) and military (250 milion euro to build "transition camps" outside the borders probably run by EU's police) control systems.
Freedom of movement and freedom to stay are undercome economists logics of demand/offert, where the migrant only represents reserve low cost workforce.
With the terrorism threat and the necessity to take democracy throught the world (or in other words defending their colonies) they are building the European Army and the European Defense Agency.
In the same way survailliance and controll within the boundries of fortess europe gain orwellian levels in the name of security. The results are that we are continously spied, observed by all the tecnologies they use to defend their treasures and their privileges.

But this doesn't happened only inside the fortress. Similer meccanisms of controll, repression and gathering arms are the direct expression of capitalism all over the world, especially in western countries (or the countries that have just become rich) who trie and defend their wealth and go around looting things they haven't yet got.

Our refusal of Fortress Europe is a refusal of capitalism as style of life. We prefer selforganization as choice of life and we refuse business logics. What we are looking for is a revolution in our every day lives: we refuse all hierarchies, we fight from below against sexism and fascism, selfsufficiency and selfproduction to try and get out of the market logics, direct action as a form of conflict and riappropriation, radical ecologism as a battle field, indypendent information clashing against mainstream media, the refusal of any "etiquet" (even alternative ones) for everyones choice and individual dignity.

This we are and know we are not the only ones.

The mobilizations aganinst the EU summit can be the occasion for many italian and european activists to come to Rome. We belive that it's good time to make this an opportunity to know each other, indipendently from the lobbies agenda's, so that we can build togheter the days of action and share experiences.

The LAURENTINOKKUPATO / L38SQUAT, is in a working class area in the suburbs of Rome near EUR where will be place the biggest demo, and it ready to give ospitality from the 29th semptember to 2nd november to the activists that want to come here to Rome. You will find where to sleep (bring sleepingbags), spaces where you can socialize, an infoshop where you can buy and exchange zines, an internet point and a kitchen. All the rest, from mobilizations to workshop, from eating to having fun DO IT YOURSELF. For the days of the Summit we will cook an evening meal, for the other days the kitchen will be there for anyone who wants use it.

We would like to build these day togheter, from the small things of everyday life. We belive that "All Inclusive" is something for tour operators and not for radical activists, that want an other world here and now.
So we invite anyone who really wants to fight/build/grow togheter and orizontally, with all the difficulties and the freedoms this choice may meen.

If it is possible please let us know how many people and when you will arrive through our e-mail

To read the intructions on how to get to the l38squat go to this page.


date time contents place
Monday 29th september 21:30 meeting: presentation and sharing of the diy weeks project - the self organised hostel. Exchange of information, presentation and organisation of the workshops, infoshops, actions for EU summit that will be held for the whole of october here in Rome. L38 Squat
Thursday 2nd of October from 11:00 a.m. for the whole day "banner contest" - lets fill our city with all the banners, posters and flyers! make the banners for the days of action L38 Squat
Friday 3rd of October 17:00 workshop "Abolishing borders from below" care of Border=0
discussion on antiracist activism;sharing of experiences; limits and possibilities of direct action and debate about migrants and the antiautoritarian movement.
L38 Squat

dinner vegan/vegetarian
videoactivism night - viewing of videos and immiges from the last anti EU summits and from the nobordercamps
infoshop, internet point, beer and cocktails for the whole of the evening!

Saturday 4th of October the whole day day of action against the intergovernitive conference Rome
Monday 6th of october 21:00 workshop "Control, racism and merchandising... outside ends!" - meeting, debate and film viewing about football hooligans: kick off business, kick off repression!
beerzone, infoshop e and internet point open
L38 Squat
friday 10th of october 21:30 concert - alternative information on Fortress Europe and indipendent music. concert with RANCORE. infopoint - zkwarez open ZK
wednesday 15th of october 21:00 workshop "Antisexism, from the radical movement to the metropolitan suburbs" - experience sharing on the fight against sexism and the impact of this in the working class areas in Rome. L38 Squat

proposal for other workshops and actions:

  • workshop "Prisons, control and segregation: the society of bars" - date to be decided (after 15/10)

  • action aganist tecnological control system corporation (more info will follow)
  • action against national and international offices that are functional for forced and controlled migration (more info will follow)

For more info, action and workshop proposals contact e-mail

Laurentinokkupato - L38squat
via domenico giuliotti 8, Roma - bus 776 da Metro B Laurentina

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