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campo_de_fiori affollata da 2 o 3.000 persone
parte il corteo circa 200 compagni/e
reazione a Buontempo e polizia
i carabinieri iniziano a sparare
fuggi fuggi generale
si sentono diverse raffiche di mitra in aria
scaricate le armi i carabinieri vanno via


On Saturday night July 11, there was a spontaneous demo in Rome [without warning the police] at 11pm in a square in the city center "Campo de Fiori." The demo was called to protest and shout "MURDERS" at the police, the prosecutors and the justice/jail system that had provoked the second suicide in jail in three months of an anarchist, Maria Soledad Rosa "Sole."

At the beginning of the demo, for a casual thing (we think), appeared Teodoro Buontempo. He came from a restaurant near there. He is a former leader of many nazi groups in Rome from '70 to '80. Now he is an Alleanza Nazionale congressman, the most infamous racist & fascist congressman ... he is a roman Le Pen.

So he appeared with two bodyguards; immediately the comrades at the demo recognized the nazi leader. The bodyguards escaped quickly and Buontempo had the possibility of enjoying a lot of fists and kicks from the comrades; after a little while of beating him, they pushed him out of the area of the demo. And then the demo started to the street.

After ten minutes Teodoro Buontempo and 10 policemen came back to the place, to try to identify the activists who hit him.

Improbable... ;)

The policemen and Buontempo immediatly ran away fast under a rain of glasses, bottles, chairs and tables against them (kindly provided by the open air restaurant on the street of the city center of Rome). Other police forces came in at the same time and started shooting in the air with machine pistols ... hundreds of shots.

In the "Campo de Fiori" square, there were 200 activists and 2.000 other people who are there for a evening stroll, a drink, an ice cream, etc. After the first shots all the people run everywhere, children, older men ... dropping down their heads, running and shouting in terror. The activists renewed their attacks on the police who had stopped to stop to shoot and then go away at high speed in their damaged cars. In their escape two police cars crashed hard between one another ... like in a Police telefilm.

So the demo goes on and comes to another square "Piazza Navona" then at the end of the demo the people scattered in the city center to prevent the reaction of the police (4 arrests) that in few minutes have militarized the Rome city center.

Over the next few days, Berlusconi TV stations and the right wing press open a campaign against the squatter and the autonomous group for the so called "antidemocratic" attack against their infamous leader. The other press don't accuse the activists because they remember Teodoro Buontempo as a nazi leader.

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