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From Border=0 on the escapes from the CPT (Centri di permaenza temporanea = short term holding facilities) of via Mattei

An afternoon like any other in march, we saw a dream come true in Bologna...when men and women broke their chains and jumped over walls, barbed wire, fucking policemen, and went back to flying free leaving behind hypocrisy and racism of the lagers of Fortress Europe.

In Via Mattei there is the short term holding facility of Bologna that has already been in the centre of many scandals of violence to the internees, like giving psychopharmaceuticals to the detainees to sedate the continues protests. From this lager on Thursday the 25th of March a group of detainees escaped during a revolt repressed violently by the riot police (called especially for the occasion). On the other side of the walls of hate there were activists in a solidarity march of blockades and anger. The activists REALLY helped the immigrants to escape from the building by physically blocking the police, letting them run away.

straight after the police made reprisals on the detainees: a women swallowed a battery for protest and was medicated only after many hours and then deported with other 6 people in mourning.

Millions of men, women, young people and children are forced by the politics of globalisation to flee from their country, they represent the RESISTENCE and the REJECTION of the devastating choices made by the elite of politicians of the first world. They are considered "migrants" only because we live in this hideous world scared by borders. These people will always have our solidarity and active complicity to sabotage any system of imprisonment and social, ethnic or political segregation.

No reform is possible for short term holding facilities, no new law can make deportation "less harsh", nothing can justify their stay in these prisons...

to fight racism we must BREAK DOWN these lagers and SHUT DOWN Fortress Europe!

We will always run side by side with any runaway, with a smile of
complicity, because in a world of masters we are all illegal

No nation no border, fight the Euro Order!

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