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This site has taken shape in order to face the inevitable castling of Fortress Europe, in a growing climax of xenophobia and racism, that is arming itself in front of “external” and internal enemy: the migrant, the foreigner, the different, the activist, the casseurs and the suburbs. Situation, stories, struggles and lives which belong to us and mingle, in a dedalus of recalls and repercussions that unfortunately we can only summarize and schematise in this site.

But on the end we believe that in order to face the militarization both digital, internal and... of white Europe, is most of all needed to gather the cards before playing the game, to win it. So, following the metaphor, we are the pack of cards, and cards after cards we want to redevelop all the logical sense (but bloody) which leads the power to divide the lands, call them states and trap the people inside and outside this boundary lines. Therefore We want to gather all the possible information about segregation mechanisms, more or less clear, and of divisions. State, prisons, lager/cpt, borders, technosurveillence, transnational organisms, they are all mingled and busy on padlocking each of us in his/hers own square meter and put us in the condition of not acting. But in order to make this possible they organize themselves, they build both tools and domination forces, they sanction laws as well as they kill the inhabitants of the earth. So It’s up to us to raise the living evidences of this enduring barbarism: to unmask the centers of clearing, torture, the domination techniques, the ways of control that the Power put as defence act of its borders inside and outside itself. To analyze them and repropose them with clarity, where the information and the handout of power confuse, mix up and elude.

So, this site, this no man’s land, both counter-informations and communication crossroads, anti-racist resources is living by who passes through it and as a traveller chooses to stop to take a break and to acquire new knowledges, maybe having a meeting with others in order to come back to travel with a new group, choosing new ways or common to everyone, or still solitary path of liberation from society of exclusion and control. So here you’ll find the informations, the knowledges of whom has chose to crossroad this boundless land leaving signs of his own journey. This is why you will not find only materials drawn up by us, but you will find everything that everyone would like to pass through here has been left. To leave your mark, to enter in the no men’s land, border zero, exactly, you don’t have to go beyond neither borders nor customs, it’s enough to enter through here...

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