"DeportationClass - against the business with deportations"
exhibition of the nationwide network no one is illegal


june 2000 


exhibition dates

In May 1999, Sudanese refugee Mohamed Aamir Ageeb died on board Lufthansa flight LH-558 going to Cairo. He was to be deported to Sudan, accompanied by three officers of the Bundesgrenzschutz, the national police force. The officers had fettered the 30-year-old, put a motorcyclist helmet on his head and pressed him onto the seat, suffocating him to death. The death of Mohamed Aamir Ageep set off a campaign titled 'no one is illegal' against deportations by Lufthansa. forward

The Idea Of The Exhibition

In search of a poster to serve as identification for the campaign as well as being used during actions and events throughout the country, artists were invited to contribute to a poster competition. Almost 30 drafts were sent. These posters by artists from different cities and of graphically very diverse designs are the central part of the exhibition. They are stressing the different sides of deportations - in some of them the business with deportation is stressed, others try to show the danger of a return to the home country. By this a very impressive picture of deportations is presented.
Beside the posters 5 boards with texts offer information about deportations. Here the visitors of the exhibition also get information what to do in case of becoming the witness of a deportation at the airport. Information on booking the exhibition: forward



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text 1 DeportationClass
text 2 Demonstrate courage, intervene!
text 3 International alliances against airlines
text 4 Crane under the swastika
text 5 Deportation at any price