Attaccata la Royal Bank di Victoria (Canada)

  On the night of July 19 1996 we threw rocks through two of the windows @ 
Royal Bank at Cook St. village in Victoria. We used standard procedures 
of gloves, masks, planned escape route.

This action was taken in response to continuing genocide of indigenous 
peoples in North America and all over the world. Wealth is the driving 
force behind the military-style repression against groups resistant to 
the ongoing colonization and to those groups trying to continue 
traditional ways of life. This struggle for the land is at this moment 
being fought from Ts'Peten/Gustafsen Lake to Chiapas.

The Royal Bank, as all Canadian banks, involves itself heavily in such 
institutions as NAFTA, the IMF and World Bank, which operate upon 
exploitation and extinguishment of populations in neo-colonial situations 
such as southern Mexico. Therefore we attack these institutions to hinder 
their operations to whatever small degree, and most importantly to 
contribute to the ongoing movements of resistance. We feel that the real 
value of this action will be in it's discussion and as a catalyst.

Our action is in the same spirit as and inspired by an anti-imperialist 
cell which a year ago attacked the Royal Bank and the Bank of Montreal in 
Victoria in support of the Zapatistas and in opposition to the banks' 
"business of imperialism". We are trying to contribute to a growing 
autonomous resistance movement which is advancing beyond a Eurocentric 
history and learning from the resistance of other cultures, adapting to 
the constantly changing colonial reality of Canada and the rest of the 

         autonomous anti-colonial cell


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