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Welcome in Laurentino38's Heart

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L38Squat was squatted in 1991 and became a freed space in a popular neighbourhood, downsouth suburb of Rome.

The space is set into areas: one is the area of living together, the others are everyday opened zones, centre of activities shaped and shared by the people, mostly teens of the neighbourhood.

The DIY ethic is the basic of the living here.
''DIY stands for "do it yourself", as opposed to paying a professional to do it for you.''
maybe the simplest way of finding solutions for composing sounds and visuals and spaces, learning bicycle repairs, recycling/repairing/modifying, starting gardens, hardware assembling and networking, new cooking combinations, fairplaying sports, building, plumbering, and roofmaking...


spray su cemento - L38 Squat 2005


Welcome in the heart of Laurentino 38, a district of public housing built in 1980/1981


torri_e_cielo_luglio7-98The Laurentino/L38 squat's web site trys to collect about 25 years of occupation, that is still going on now; antagonist information, direct actions and life lived in collectivity in a continuous growth and transformation extremely connected and radicated to this place.

In the years we have always thought with our own heads without taking any campaign or mobilisation for granted.
For this reason we often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. We are not attracted by the "union-against", or the unity of our "small-strenght".
We globally think that our strength is everything but small.
We don't have the presumption to know more but we have the presumption to express who we are, what we feel and what we want, with no compromise with anyone.


In this place there are no leaders or hierarchies (explicit or not), and it is obvious that we put in act a daily attention to not fall in the mechanisms of a McWorld which bombards us in every way without hesitation.


In our web site we have put, in an orderly way, what we have chaotically done in the past years.
Who can, those who pass by or live in Rome, are strongly welcome to visit not only our site but also to come to the outskirts of Rome to Where We Are to meet us.
You can come and see what we've been able to build, and what can be built without coming up to compromises with the state or other forms of power.