[11-02-2006] - TRUCKSTOP76th (presentazione del novo disco)
h: 22:00

---===||ZK & TRUCKSTOP76th presenta||===---

solidarietà attiva con torremaura occupata - sgomberi + squatt.)

presentazione LP003: U S C I T A 28


..:Max Durante

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TruckStop 76th is Ostia in the world and the world in Ostia.
We would live somewhere else if we were ready to leave Ostia.
A place deep in our souls where the outskirts disguise themselves as the town-center and the village plays the city role.
It is a place to run away from looking for thousand chances but still a place to get forever tied with.
Ostia forever, for the whole life and it is never shown off enough.
Ostia......just another world ass-hole, if we weren’t here as the mythological Atlantis, this place would deserve to disappear.

Uscita.28 is the exit on the highway ring
of Rome to get to Ostia [westcoast of Rome].

special features:


dove??? a ZkSquatt!
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