[16-04-2007 10:47] - Poland, warsaw - death of a squat
Thursday evening activists from the Warsaw squat Elba met to discuss the news that their squat might be evicted. Yesterday, Frdiay, April 13, the found out that the concert and meeting space would be destroyed on Monday and that the living place shortly after and that they would have to move.

So far there does not seem to be any talk of squat defence. --- The building is privately owned and most likely will be sold as a property investment. The price of real estate has more than doubled in Warsaw in the last few years, making it an attractive target for speculative investment. Huge numbers of speculative investors, many from Ireland, Spain and Portugal, have bought flats in Warsaw which stay empty and are just waiting for resale. Squatting is, among other things, a way to protest such property arrangements and to use housing which is going to waste. Hopefully the squatters will be able to present some sort of political protest related to the death of the squat.

There are a couple of squats in Warsaw, but Elba was the political one, often hosting interesting discussion or events. Many of the activists in Elba are involved in different anti-authoritarian and anarchist actions and projects.

posted by: a infos
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