Lets try and imagine a world without fascists and their delirious talks. A world lacking of those cowards that, assault and attack 10 to 1, anyone who is different and extravagant to them, or anyone who has the colour of his/her skin darker than theirs.
We have to admit that even without these scums the world, like it is now, would not be any better. It still be full of injustices, sacrifices and rules to obey to. This is to highlight that the fascists are not the only problem against which we have to relate and many times they represent a diversion used to smother annoying battles that come from below. These slimy scums, the squadristi, think that they act autonomously against this system. But it is that system that covers them and finances them and they always have and always will be a method of the system to stop anyone who fights for their needs and their rights.
Every time the level of conflict rises police and fascists come in to action, the police with its traditional methods of repression (charges, jail, intimidations), the fascists by putting bombs in squares and other public spaces. Besides the exemplary events, the presence of fascists on ones territory is naturally alarming. Their posters, with their usual symbology of death (skulls, flames, Celtic crosses and nazi symbols), are put up with all tranquillity on the walls of many cities.
Democratic, liberals and left-wing politicians love to fill their mouths periodically with slogans against fascism. But nether the less those same people ask for pacification and dialectical confrontation with the heirs of Mussolini. By doing so they give more possibility of movement and freedom to the gangs of fascists and for their propaganda of their overcoming ideals of supremacy.
Is it a contradiction? No it is simple political opportunism!!!
To condemn just the exemplary facts, and tolerate the daily acts like posters against immigrants, homosexuals and any sorts of differences, is convenient for those politicians who wallow and get rich in parliament and in other institutional offices. This attitude does not belong to us.
Antifascism used as a meaningless ensemble of words is just a way to pretend to condemn the loyalist of serves.
To stop certain things laws and decrees, slogans and words are of no use. What is needed is a radical confrontation everyday on the street.

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