In this analysis, between serious a not so serious things, you will find our positions about sex in its most liberated forms. Everywhere on this site we say that anything that we feel like doing is licit (as long as it's in the total respect of the others) and that many morals and taboos do not allow the entire satisfaction of our desire. Here we want to deeply analyse the role that power has on our body and its domain on our desires. We live in a society that has turned sex in to a terrible monster, that on one side creates paralyses and on the other it creates profits. Our sexuality and our feelings are under pressure of the catholic (or religious) and bourgeois morality. At our birth we are told of the existence of "dirty things" that should not be done. We are grown up with consciousness that "certain things" should not be done and should not be asked (unless you pay for it!!).
We are educated (at home, at school, in church and on the streets) towards playing certain roles, and growing into a hunter or a pray, despising any anomalities.
In this way (even between comrades), we find ourselves using sexist lexicon, not having respect towards ant kind of differences and living our sexual life between insecurity, anger, unsatisfaction, fear and prevarication.
By not disclosing the whole of our energy, remaining in that way repressed and blocked in satisfying our passions, finding ourselves stuck and frustrated.
It is a profound psychic control that the system has over us, through its ethics and morals that is widely diffused and acts on our desires.
For these repressed desires, that if expressed freely would make social relating too informal, and this would be embarrassing for the system. Capitalism as found, in this camp, its right outlet valves (especially for men): commercialised pornography and hard business. All of this is done in the name of sexual freedom, but its just another way of making business...and normally if there is someone making money there is also someone being exploited.
Sexual freedom is not being able to here the famous porn-star, on a late night talk-show , talking about her adventures under the sheets, or paying to see/touch/fuck a women that stands on the main road of your city. It means taking conscious of your body and put it in connection with the others in all the ways possible and establishing respect instead of lies, fears, taboos, silences, money and violence.
Sexual liberation is a personal and intimate practice, but not less revolutionary thane any other.


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