..two years have past since this project has started.

Some time has passed since we have decided to put online our thoughts, images, materials, knowledge, our outbursts and consideration on 360° of our turbulent and variegated juvenile world. What we have done and said in these years is determined by the contamination of thoughts and positions of a small group of people of the same age. This mixture of experiences has turned in to the entity that the project is composed of, and makes the deference's, that permitted this in the first place, almost untouchable.
In this space of time we have tried to stimulate reflections and started to build battles against all those things that oppresses us as young people, that made our everyday life unliveable. But also we directed our battles towards everything that bored us, that sent us to the margins because we are young and considered not mature.
It is to be quite clear that we do not to represent a category or certain individualities.
We realized that what we wanted to express had become very communicative in all those situations where the contradictions that we wanted to highlight were present on an everyday bases. We realized that bringing these contradictions in anomalous circles, often considered apolitical, we could discuss about the renovation of the political linguistic and practical experience in the Italian movement, which often tends to be conservative and reluctant to changes. But also we wanted to get in contact with all those heterogeneous galaxies that we felt participant of.
No more dogmas or sermons, no more leaders to imitate or chiefs to praise. The innovating thrust capable of giving new forms to our projects derives from a clear and aware need; it has origin from that generational conflict that many would like to normalize and smother. For this reason the virtual universe built by the crew is the container of the cyber-knowledge, for all those cyber-identities, with their nicknames, the hints, the confrontations, the affronts, the clashes that a small, but active kidz-community has been able to self-manage and evolve.

The project, in spite of its enthusiasm and spontaneous, was born with a great limit.
Every section, every evaluation, every reasoning reflects an authentic subjective fragment of the adolescent cosmos. Micro dynamics, languages, thoughts, convictions, provocations are all radically linked with our age and with the inevitable political clash between different ways of intending social conflicts - precisely generational conflicts -. In this stretch of time we have managed to disturb, in part and according to our strength, the taboos and rigidity that reigned in many situations that each of us lives every day. We have managed to put ourselves up front, trying to start to build a better world by changing ourselves. Many things we have been able to do, but we couldn't stop the relentless flowing of time.
In conclusion we have between our hands a web site/project that portrayed our forthcoming and our adolescent anger, but now we are no longer kidz. We still have the same attitude, the same determination as a few years ago, but we are not the same and we don't like taking the piss out of our selves: we won't to transmit with this project what we are NOW. We would like that the words that are imprinted on this virtual strand of bytes could express the gradation and dynamism of our subversive growing up. But it is difficult to make words containers of such a complex process of the chaotic developing of an individual.

We have found ourselves in front of a choice.
If the project hadn't found the right incitement to continue it's evolution and innovation would not have had any sense to carry on keeping it going. Luckily the right impulses are still there, like there is still the mentality that characterized this course. The immaterial dimension that mw4k has managed to create is still the mirror of our identities. This is the reason of this change, or to be more precise this evolution of the whole of the project that is directly connected with new ideas, the new trips, and the new courses that the crew has been busy with lately.
We have passed from a limited section of social conflicts that of the adolescences, to a more general level and underground of cyber-activism, of the widespread underground culture, of the rebellion.

In brief...
"...we are the other part of the world, the part that is in rebellion, totally separated and in declared war from the rest: the underground cultures to which we participate and develop are lived by us like attacks and resistance towards the normal world. MW4K is like a cyber megaphone of war, a press agency (ihihihi) of our carried out battles in the streets, on our bodies, on the net...but not only as an instrument of amplification and sharing of our emotions and experiences...a mirror and reflection of our contorted and distorted lives that we put on a silver plate and offer it to criticism, collaboration, complicity and to vehicular subversion!"


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