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Our project in these two years has evolved and expanded it's self, especially thanks to the mailing list and through the partecipation of the discussions of the list.
the ideas that circulate between the, almost, 140 members, the arguments and the discussions have often become a new pages of the web site or turn in to real parties/battles/meetings. Or more simply thanks to the mailing list it has happend that we have met up or got to know each other...

This is a moderated lis, which means that almost every day the messages that arrive are selected to try and distribute mails with contents that are connected with our project and to avoid publicity spaming and mail bombings. What is considered "interesting material" is everything that has to do with young people and underground cultures (basicly everythig that is on our web site: drugs, sex, family, formation, hitec, young people at work, etc.) certain dates and particular battles. Our list is also an unformal space in which debateing/outleting/becoming emotional is lecit and for this reason DISPACES AND PROCLAIMS OF PARTIES ARE NOT WELCOME.

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