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In our considerations about the educational system you will not find the same old chatter on how to improve it. For us the school institution is a reproduction in scale of the society. Besides it's continuous changes it has always taken on the characteristics of a prison.
Starting from this consideration, and also being firmly convinced that jail cannot be in anyway reformed, humanized or improved, we fell that we can affirm that the school, like jails and the society, must be demolished. this preface is fundamental to understand with which destructive disposition we have related ourselves to the "school question". On the other hand it couldn't have been any different: authoritarianism, repression and selection is all that is guarantied to a student on his/hers desk and, naturally, certain things that we don not intend to reply with reforms, comprises or syndicate battles.
Our greatest wish is to knock down the school, by this we will be able to free ourselves definitely from rules, sense of duty, discipline and useless school programmes.
The hours passed hearing duct graduates who sit proudly on the other side of the teachers desk are only the anteroom of inoccupation and precariousness.
What's more the latest school reforms (first the Berlinguer and then the Moratti reform) shows how the school should change according to the changement of the work market is taking on. In this case the capacity to transform young people into puppets easily exploitable and flexible for the job market ready to become productive even when there is no remuneration guaranteed.
In front of such a scene the conflictuality that we have to devolpe and support is the one that derives from our material needs and from our material needs and from the real contradictions created by this system.
To favour the programmes of the neo-leaders of the persistent "student movement" would mean to justify the obsolete schemes that want to repropose rules, hierarchies and authoritarianism. The obvious distances that separate us from this type of intervention has bought us to right what is in this site, bringing together our personnel experiences and our collective analyses.
The knowledge of what you want to destroy is obviously one of the reasons that bought us to write this analyses on the school. But the clearness of the contents and of the intents that make a project useful. We hope that these analysis help alimenting fires everywhere that there is a report student-teacher, son/daughter-parent, kid-authority takes the semblance of a battle, of a generational conflict ready to raze to the ground all those schemes of discipline that are imposed to us in and out of school.



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